We Explain the "What, Why, How" of Mortgage Underwriting Close Loans Faster & With Higher Quality

Learning a skill, then translating that knowledge into action... creates the ultimate competive advantage

Drowning in a sea of underwriting confusion?

Many mortgage professionals try to research underwriting topics such as self-employed income or can I use distributions on my borrower's K-1 for income?  After you type those into Google, your results give you back a sea of random youtube videos, blogs, and guideline links.  If you are not an expert how are you going to know the accuracy of the information even if it DID cover the topic you were looking for?

Searching online can get you some great information, but the preferred method is talking to an expert such as your local underwriter and have them try to help out.  But in today’s mortgage world it is just too fast-moving and the underwriters are incredibly busy ...they may want to help but just can’t keep up the time demand with their file load!

And all of this leads you to our site..... with a loud "CAN YOU HELP!!"

Welcome to the UW Base Camp

" WE KNOW mortgage underwriting"… our team of underwriters and advisors have decades of experience based on a hands-on day to day underwriting work NOT book theory!

We use the Field Guide To Underwriting's 10 step process of loan evaluation and use that proven method to break down underwriting training so it completely covers all the steps from Application to Regulation Z.

Each lesson follows our philosophy of teaching that reviews

WHAT we are doing
WHY we do it, and
HOW to most effectively complete the task.

Our training is supported by current guidelines, visuals, and a practical real-world explanation of each topic.

Get your underwriting trainining out of the 2000's

Training brings ROI to any company, instead of creating a system from scratch, join the Field Guide To Underwriting system to build up your underwriting knowledge.  Retire the old (and ABSENT) ways and use today tools of online learning, webinars, and videos to supercharge your operations teams.

Our Membership Includes:

Over 30 + training videos that cover the "Four C's" of underwriting, on demand ready when you are

F.A.Q. short videos on the most common underwriting issues and how to solve them

Two live webinars per month to keep you up to date with any underwriting changes

Team & Enterprise both offer upgrades for CE reporting.  Enterprise offers live on-site training **ask for pricing options in addition to membership fee**

All Prices Below Are Monthly Subscription Offers NO Contracts

Individual Learner


Solo Learner

Access to All Videos

2 Live Monthly Webinars

Team Training


Up To 15 Learners

Access To All Videos

2 Live Monthly Webinars

Option for CE Tracking*

Enterprise Training


Unlimited Learners

Access To All Vidoes

2 Live Monthly Webinars

Option for CE Tracking*

Option for onsite training*